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As a writer, it is never a good thing to come up blank – nada -nothing to put down on paper or the computer screen. When this happens, it does not mean that I have no ideas, sometimes, I have too many and nothing is coming together. Finding a way around this jumble of thoughts that make writing difficult is not always easy and the same solutions don’t always work either.

Steps in Beating Writer’s Block

Some of the ways I deal with coming up blank are:

  • Stepping away from the writing for a while; it doesn’t always make sense to push it
  • Sometimes I just start writing, like now, and the words begin to flow. At times like this I don’t always know what I will be writing about, but I just write. When I am finished, I may have an article down or have fleshed out a story. Sometimes it’s just ideas to use on another day
  • Change the focus of what I was writing, so if I’m on a research heavy article for a client, I may switch to one of my novels or a poem
  • Reading or watching a movie or even one of my favorite game shows is just the break my mind needs. Sometimes I sit with pen and paper close at hand so I can jot down any thoughts or ideas that pop into my head at these times
  • A spot of gardening gets my circulation going, which helps to clear my mind and gets me ready to start writing
  • Going to sleep can sometimes provide just the break I need to start over refreshed and ready to start doing what I love – write

So, what about you – how do you deal with those days when the words fail you?