Anyone who knows me knows that I’m terrified of lizards. Yeah, I know they are innocent little creatures and that they can’t hurt me. It’s just one of those things that I’m afraid of. Interestingly, growing up in Jamaica I used to catch the creatures with my brother, Henry and his friends. Of course, once I caught them in, I’d drop the bamboo snare and run for my life. It was up to them to release them.

I remembered tearing my dress off on two occasions because, you got it, lizards dropped inside. Once I had gone to enjoy the river and scenery at Castleton Botanical Gardens, St. Mary. Another time, I was at home and feeling idle, I used a sledgehammer to knock the trunk of a breadfruit tree. These incidents showed me that fear can take away other inhibitions.
My poor husband, earlier in our marriage, would have had to find any lizards I had seen before I could go to sleep. I’m not that bad anymore, I’ll go to sleep if I don’t see one in my bedroom. So where am I going with this? After all, lots of people have fears, so what’s the big deal? I’m getting there, but stay with me a little bit longer.
Yesterday, while outdoors I saw a green lizard sunning itself on a banana plant. For the first time ever, I noticed that they are beautiful. As I stood there looking at him, I noticed the frill on his throat as it flared in and out. The way its colour changed as he sat there taking in the rays of the sun. In that brief moment, I saw so many variations of green between my lizard visitor and the green banana leaf. I wished I had a camera with me, I wanted to capture that moment forever.
So, am I still afraid of lizards? I am, but the fear seems more muted now. But, only when I come face to face with one again will I know for sure if that moment in which I saw its beauty will last.