I realize that we sometimes get so caught up we cuss when we face some of life’s challenges. Even the smallest thing can sometimes get our goat. Today, I’m resolving to be grateful for life’s challenges for many reasons.
Challenges help me garner experience; if I made a bad decision once, when faced with the same situation in the future, it is unlikely that I will make the same mistake again. There is more than a little truth to the old adage experience teaches wisdom.
While I know that many people have lost their jobs and it has caused all sorts of financial challenges, I know more than a few for whom being fired has been a blessing in disguise. Just recently, a young woman I know with four kids to take care lost her job. I was worrying about her, even though I knew she didn’t like the job she had. A few weeks later, she landed another job, but even better, she was earning almost two-times what she was before. Others have taken the loss of a job as a sign to reinvent themselves or to do something that they always wanted to do.
Sometimes, a bad experience we have makes it possible for us to one day help someone who faces a similar challenge. When I talk to others, I realize that I would much rather be dealing with the issues that I have than the ones they are facing. Yes, I may not have the funds I need to do something to my house, but some people do not have anywhere to live.
Thankfulness doesn’t always mean being grateful for the blessings and good things in life. Plus, there are some healthy benefits to being thankful, so why spend time worrying and being resentful about the curve balls life throws at you. I normally try to write down the things I’m grateful for at the end of each week. When I looked back, I realized I was always writing down the nice things, the positive things – but now I also need to make note of the not so nice things as well.
Focusing my energies on the things that are wrong or on what I do not have will drain me. If I’m left too tired to focus on what really matters or just being grateful for the good things, I will not have the energy to work on getting things right.
1 Thessalonians 5:18: Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.