I was struggling to decide what to write as I aim to complete the Ultimate Blogging Challenge for October. As usual my son, Jalen, came to the rescue. He’s my muse when I want a topic to write on. His innocent question, “Mom do you think my work can be shown in a museum?” was all that I needed. He’s a creative child, which is not surprising as his dad is a graphic artist and amateur writer.
Jalen loves music and has sporadically shown interest in playing the guitar and his former tutor says he has a natural talent. He also has a love of drawing, painting and writing poems, but again he is never consistent – he does these things in spurts. Maybe, he will come into his own as he grows and settles down to one or the other. As a mom I want to see him excel at all or even one of these things, but I will not pressure him.
As any mom would, I told him not yet, but one day who knows what will happen. He then took his latest painting to show me. Of course I thought it was beautiful and told him so. Knowing that I am always online, he asked if I could post it on Facebook for him. So this is me, keeping my promise to my little artist while fulfilling my blogging goal.
Bright Skies by Jalen Crooks
I took the opportunity to explain to him the value of practicing to get better at what we love. I don’t know if it registered fully, but who knows what the future holds.