At various stages in our lives we find ourselves questioning our decisions. Did I choose the right career? Did I marry the right person? Should I have left my old job? Even simple, rather mundane decisions can cause us distress. Should I have colored my hair or should I have cut it off?
One thing is certain, finding yourself is not an age specific concept. At varying stages of our lives we may find ourselves wondering what this life is all about. We wonder where are we going and how we’ll get there. Were all the worries and sacrifices worth it?
While on the path of self-discovery, it is important to enjoy life’s journey. The worst thing you can do is wasting time worrying about what you haven’t done, and not doing anything to achieve what you want. Guess what – even if you never achieve all that you desire, knowing that you tried can be a source of joy.
Finding yourself can be challenging, but the process can be helped by trying some of the following:
·         The first step on the road to finding you is to stop being what others want you to be. Trying to please everyone is a surefire way to becoming lost and unhappy with your life.
·         Make a plan for your life regardless of your age and where you are in life. Have you always wanted to learn to paint? Go ahead, just start.
·         Find time for you and the things you want to do. Carve out small blocks of time to write or exercise. Even these incremental time periods will make a big difference in how you feel about your life.
·         Let go of past experiences and hurts. Use the past as stepping stones to developing a better you, mentally, emotionally and physically.
There will be dead-ends and wrong turns on this journey. Do not give up; stop, reevaluate and get back on track. When you have reached that point where you have found you, you will be able to help others find themselves based on your own experiences.
Enjoy your life – it’s the only one you have.