For me, those lazy days when I spend time alone or with loved ones can be some of the most rewarding ones. Think about it, no distractions, just you and nature or a quiet time of talking and sharing. I love those Sundays when my husband, son and I are at home – just us three.
We may spend time watching movies or playing games. Sometimes we are all doing different things, but there is still a sense of contentment that cannot be explained. As I write this blog, we are sitting together in the couch, me with the laptop and my son, lying in his dad’s lap while they watch a program about the Secret Service.
Recently, my son who is on the verge of turning 7, asked his dad to go for a walk with him. When they returned he said, “Mom, next time you should come with us. It was so much fun.” A simple walk on our street was a time of bonding for father and son and something they both enjoyed – and best of all it didn’t cost a cent.
Sometimes in the night, we like to sit outside, just talking in the semi-darkness, watching the skies and talking. For me, hopefully these moments are helping our son to realize that there is much more to enjoying life than videogames and TV.
So, how often do you take time out from your busy schedule to enjoy life’s simple pleasures?