Many of us are quick to tell others we love them. Our children, spouse, family members and friends hear those words often. Yet we rarely if ever tell ourselves – I love you. It may sound funny, but it is important to take time to look in the mirror and tell yourself – I love you.
Even if you feel stupid doing it, still go ahead – look at the man or woman in the mirror and say aloud – I love you! It’s only when you can truly love yourself, whether or not you fit society’s standards of beauty, that you begin to appreciate you.
So how do you love yourself? There are many ways that you can start to love yourself. These include:
  • Accept that you are not perfect
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. We tend to our own biggest critics – cut yourself some slack
  • Learn to forgive yourself
  •  Say or read daily affirmations or post them where you can see them
  •  Banish your negative self-talk – remember that you are beautiful. Beautiful is much more than the physical self.
Think about it, how can you expect others to love you if you don’t even love yourself. It will take some conscious effort to start loving and treating yourself right, but you can do it. Do not let the negative perceptions others may have of you to cause you to put yourself in a negative light.
·         That you are unique
·         You are different
·         You have a purpose
I’m sure there are lots of others you can think of. Go ahead, share some with us.