Each time I get back to my blog it feels like starting over. You know the feeling; something doesn’t work and you need to keep doing it over until you get it just right. Well, that is me – the perpetual late bloomer who is also a perfectionist. So I have had lots of stops and starts with this blog.

It’s not that I don’t have a lot to stay about being a late bloomer. I have always embraced my ‘late bloomer’ status. To me, being a late bloomer simply means that when others may have ran out of steam, I am still offering beauty and hope, and going after what I want.

Why I Decided to Start Writing Again

I decided to come back to my blog because writing makes me happy. It gives me a place where I can easily express my thoughts freely. I also like writing because what I have to say may just touch someone somewhere and make a difference. After signing up for Calvalyn Day’s “Get Out Of Your Own Way: The 7 Day Challenge to Help YOU Walk Into the Life You DESERVE”, she told me that I had a niche with my ‘late bloomer’ motif. Who am I to argue?

I want to write so that late bloomers of whatever age know that they have others like themselves who understand what they are all about. I have learned to embrace and even celebrate my late bloomer status. I no longer feel that I am too slow to come into my own.

Famous Late Bloomers

If you are a late bloomer you have good company. Three famous late bloomers are:

Vera Wang: This successful designer started designing at the grand ‘old’ age of 39, just look at her now;
Colonel Sanders: He started his ‘finger-licking good KFC franchise when he was 65;
Alan Rickman: This loved actor got his first movie role at 42, and what joys he has brought movie lovers.

This time I plan to stick to it. Being able to write about my life as a late bloomer is a passion. The only thing stopping me is me! This is my time to BLOOM! You can start blooming too.