It is strange the things that can spark an idea and open your eyes. I saw this simple, yet powerful statement on my sister’s profile and a light went off in my head.

And then one day, I discovered my own light, my own inner-gangster.


Power@ Justin Luebke

I snatched my power back and the game changed.

So many of us are stuck simply because we gave away our power! We give us power away through love, fear and cowardice, sometimes we give it away without even being aware that we are doing it. We give it away to our spouses, our children, our parents, our family, to our church, our jobs and the list goes on! Sadly, in doing so we lose ourselves and end up being sad, even when we pretend to be happy, but deep inside we know we are fooling ourselves.

If you take a moment to think, you will realize that you have given up your power and with it, your happiness and your dreams and hopes.

How to Regain Your Power

The first step in regaining your power is to acknowledge than you gave it away in the first place. Once you have done this, then in small steps, you can slowly regain your power.

Learn to say no, even to yourself! Yes, you heard me, learn to really say ‘no’. If you are like me, sometimes you say yes, even to yourself when you know that the best answer is ‘NO!’ Think about it, how often have you agreed to do something for someone when you know you will be stretched to get it done out of the fear that you will be seen in a bad light for saying ‘no or not right now’.

You need to make decisions for you and not just to please someone. Have you ever agreed to something just to make your spouse, your mother or a friend happy when in your heart you know it’s a bad idea? Yes, when you do that you are giving away your power.

The saddest part of giving away your power is that you often have to turn around and console those you gave your power to. More often than not, you will end up being sad, depressed, face financial challenges (broke), and remain in relationships that are unhealthy.

Don’t you think it is time to take your power back? Take it back one step at a time, one small action at a time? Take action and get back into the driver seat of your life. If you want to learn to paint, start; you don’t have to be a master painter. Do you want to write, then write and stop doubting yourself!

You have the power within you, draw on it! Make this the moment you start regaining YOU!