You have seen them, many of us know the type. They have to have the most expensive, newest smartphone in town with all the bells and whistles. But heaven forbid they know how to really use all those neat features. Worse yet, they don’t even need them.

Now, don’t go beating up on me, I am happy you have been stepping in beat to the technology. I’m all for advance and am happy for the success of others. If you can afford a smartphone, good for you, but please use them properly. Believe me, they are for much more than making and taking calls and sending messages. Some folks use them to go online, but there is still so much more. I’ve even met those persons who have an iPhone and have no idea how to even send a text message.

I know people who forget assignments and appointments, and yet they have a smartphone. Come on, they have a calendar option for a reason. Send yourself a reminder once you have a date set for something. Every smartphone has this option, make use of it. I’ve heard the excuses, “I didn’t remember…” or “I totally forgot I had that to do” so often, I’m about to scream. The saddest thing, these excuses are often from someone with a Blackberry or iPhone. My response is always to remind them of this.

Gone are the days when having a cellphone/smartphone was a status symbol. Just about anyone can afford one now. Come on folks, if you have a smartphone do the smart thing and make the most of these fascinating tools. They are called smart for a reason!