Sometimes the frustrations and failures of life cause many of us to give up our dreams. For many, when they give up on their dreams they no longer have anything to aim for and as such life become a land of despair. There are many reasons why we give up our dreams, such as:

·         Age: Sometimes we feel that we are too old to continue to have dreams and desires, but many great men and women only attain greatness later in life.


·         Lack of money: Some dreams require money to make it happen, but sometimes instead of giving up; why not work on other dreams that doesn’t require money. If you are successful at these you may earn enough to go after your more money intensive dreams.


·         Having no confidence that we really can achieve our dreams. This is a sure-fire dream killer, so find ways to develop your belief in yourself and your abilities


·         Others lack of faith on our ability to really achieve that dream
But, we have seen enough people who years after giving up on their dreams brush them off and try again – some succeeding beyond even their own belief. Susan Boyle comes readily to mind. Some never gave up until they succeed – Stephen King is the poster child. Numerous rejections later he’s the undisputed king of horror.
Of course, some dreams need to be shelved, but they should be replaced by other dreams. As Brain Morgan stated in his amazing book, The Richest Man in Persia, “…if you do not have a dream of your own, and work towards it, you will be condemned to working all your life to fulfil someone else’s dream.” 
When you work towards someone else’s dreams you can never truly be fulfilled and be happy. Having dreams give us a reason for getting up each time we fail and fall – as we have that goal in mind driving us on to success. It doesn’t matter what your dream is – the important thing is to have dreams and work towards them.


So what are your dreams – To write a book, a play, to travel the world? Whatever it is, don’t ever stop dreaming and striving to fulfil them.