Rescuing the black man…June 18

I watch the news in my native Jamaica, I watch the news on NCB 4 and I cry. I watch and pray when a crime is being reported. I pray, “Dear God, don’t let him be black”…so sad for a proud black woman to see the face of crime and violence and so often it’s the face of a ‘black man’. I cry for the black man and know that we, the black woman are partially to be blamed for his slow and steady demise.

Mothers, we’re to be blamed for justifying the wrongs of our sons. What happened to the days when if your child took home a pencil you didn’t provide they had to return it or ELSE? Wives/girlfriends, what happened to encouraging our men to do the right thing? When did we lose our souls and accept the ill-begotten fruits of their stealing, rape and murder? When did we begin to truly lose the black man?

Did it begin with the murder of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr? Was it the drug trade? Did we begin to lose our men when we were willing to become ‘baby mothers’ instead of wives? Did it all start when we reverted to back to the days of slavery when the men were studs who were expected to make babies with us for slave labour?

This is a plea from a black woman, who is the wife of a good black man, mother to a black son, sister to black brothers, aunt to black nephews…WOMEN let us get our men back. Let us stop blaming the system for what is happening? Aren’t you tired of seeing our men imprisoned, murdered by their own, by the state, by their own hands? Each day, a black child is left fatherless, and in my beautiful island home, motherless because their parents are being murdered. I know that I’m tired, but I can’t do this alone.

Please, don’t tell me that there are no good black men, because there are…I see them everyday. But you know what, there can be more…WOMEN LET US RESCUE OUR MEN!!! Let’s bring back the black family…