I’ve found that with practice you can learn to appreciate life with all its valleys and hills. Yet, being miserable and unhappy is such an easy thing. Being human we tend to take the easy road…and for many that means being unhappy and thinking that life is just too hard.

Over the weekend my son, Jalen made the statement that life is neither hard or easy, its just weird.I told him I was just thinking about life and that we just have to make the most of it. In true 9-years old going on 90 he said, “I’m not going to make the most of life, life better make the most of me. There’ll never be anyone else just like me. I’m special and crazy and unique.”

That statement got me thinking. There I was worrying about income, bills and everything in between and questioning why life had to be so hard. As if to take me out of my funk even more, I read the following from Sid Savara, “It takes a lot to win at this thing we call life. But it takes even more to lose.” I hate the thought of losing – it’s not normally a part of my vocabulary, but I was certainly allowing life and its challenges to drag me under.


It was if the universe, God, whoever or whatever forces you wants to attribute it to, was talking to me. Telling me to get up, start over, look at where I went wrong and learn from it. Life is what it is, but I had better still strive towards attaining my dreams. Whoever said that I had to attain them all in my 20s and 30s or even my 40s and 50s?

Yes, sometimes life doesn’t follow the path we plan, in plain language, sometimes it seems as if everything is crashing down around us despite and in spite of all our efforts – it stinks. However, the biggest failure is to stop trying – to succeed we need to be stubborn and persistent. Right at that point when we give up, success was just one step away!



I truly believe that if we look, we will that there is beauty from the valley as there is from the hilltop…I’m ready and I intend to attain my goals. Life is indeed beautiful!